[sylpheed:36861] Re: No right UTF-8 sent to External Editor in Win7

lacodd-9 lacodd-9 at yahoo.fr
Tue Oct 8 04:11:05 JST 2019

I apologize for keeping the off-topic 'Claws' (*I promise after this I will stop even if someone replies something re: Claws I don't agree with*), but I have to answer Paul:

1. If 'Save and keep editing' in Sylpheed is = to 'Message/Save, with the shortcut keys
Ctrl+s' in Claws [different to 'save to Draft' (the message closes), then I was wrong, sorry. 

>> I mean Claws doesn't have POP3 Remote Mailbox.
> You are wrong, it does of course have POP3 support.

Dear Paul: "POP3 Remote Mailbox" means that you can see *just the Headers* of the emails *on the server before downloading anything, using POP3*, you look at them and then you decide based on topic or size or whatever if delete or download just some or all the emails.

Thunderbird, Sylpheed, Becky, Pegassus ... have this, Claws don't. 
[and I hope they add it, I don't have anything against Claws: eg Claws have this that Sylpheed doesn't: 'Save after __ characters' (but it only works with characters phisically typed, not if one pastes them) ].

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