[sylpheed:36860] Re: No right UTF-8 sent to External Editor in Win7

Paul claws at thewildbeast.co.uk
Mon Oct 7 16:11:15 JST 2019

On Sun, 6 Oct 2019 21:16:46 -0500
lacodd-9 <lacodd-9 at yahoo.fr> wrote: 

> The other '-' I identified in Claws is it doesn't have 'Save and keep
> editing' [Sylpheed has; it only needs a button to avoid going to the 'File'
> menu for this].

Wrong again. It does have this. It has /Message/Save, with the shortcut keys
Ctrl+s (by default, you can change this to what you want.) If you want a
button for this, that can also be added.

Anyway, this is the sylpheed mailing list. Let's not keep saying what Claws
Mail "doesn't have" when it does, and stick to the subject of Sylpheed and
what it has instead.

with regards


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