[sylpheed:36799] Re: address book buggy

Anton Shepelev anton.txt at gmail.com
Sun Apr 14 20:53:24 JST 2019

Christoph K.:

> The same happened to me a couple of times, it's pretty
> annoying to enter some data, press "ok" and then it's
> lost.

The current procudure of adding e-mail addresses to contacts
is indeed counter-intuitive and inefficient.  diniz is right
that an interface should be optimised for the most frequent
use case:

> And why would we want add a whole list of addresses for
> the *same* contact? Why not several contacts instead? It's
> so rare anyway.

But your suggestion looks like a hack to me:

> Whenever a user enters some data in the input fields at
> the bottom and hits the "ok"-button, sylpheed should
> behave as if the user did actually push the "add" button.
> This should solve the problem and the implementation seems
> rather simple to me: On press of "Ok"-Button, check if
> there is data in the fields, if yes, add it to the list
> (or modify a record which has been selected before).

In my opinion, it will be much better simply to add an
E-mail field to the Basic Data tab on the Add New Person
dialog, and use the E-Mail Address tab for the rare cases
when alternative /additional addresses are required for the

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