[sylpheed:36785] Re: address book buggy

Christoph K. christoph at kobenetz.de
Fri Apr 5 01:20:21 JST 2019

I agree with Gene.

The same happened to me a couple of times, it's pretty annoying to enter
some data, press "ok" and then it's lost.

I suggest to change the behaviour of the email entry dialog in the
following manner:

Whenever a user enters some data in the input fields at the bottom and
hits the "ok"-button, sylpheed should behave as if the user did
actually push the "add" button. This should solve the problem and the
implementation seems rather simple to me:
On press of "Ok"-Button, check if there is data in the fields,
if yes, add it to the list (or modify a record which has been selected

By the way I also use Sylpheed 3.5.1 – it's the one that ships with
debian stable and it runs perfectly stable on my system. At least the
functionality that I use.

Best regards,

On Wed, 03 Apr 2019 09:27:19 -0400
"Gene Goldenfeld" <genegold at fastmail.com> wrote:

> I don’t understand most of this post, but I do understand how many times over the years I’ve entered information under one of the address book tabs and then closed it in the way that probably 95-99% of programs work, only to lose everything I’ve entered. Forcing users to choose the add or modify buttons to save what they’ve just entered might be seen as a fail-safe approach, but it’s not the standard method on the internet, at least in the Windows realm. It wouldn’t be so much a problem if there were prompts to save or a reminder that data will be lost before the address book closed, but I don’t know what’s possible in that way with Sylpheed’s type of programming.
> Gene
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