[sylpheed:36692] Re: delay or extra cause for 'dead display update / no reaction' time

Mertens Maatwerk rien at mertensmaatwerk.nl
Wed Mar 14 04:53:01 JST 2018

On Tue, 13 Mar 2018 03:21:57 +0100
Javier <sylfiger at gmx.com> wrote:

> On Mon, 12 Mar 2018 22:25:01 +0100
> Mertens Maatwerk <rien at mertensmaatwerk.nl> wrote:
> > On Mon, 12 Mar 2018 17:57:33 +0100
> > Javier <sylfiger at gmx.com> wrote:
> > 
> > > Open the log window, under tools menu, before check IMAP servers and
> > > see what is doing when it hangs. What it hangs it.
> > 
> > I don't understand much of what I see there.
> > I don't yet recognise any error; how far and when should I see that? I see some lines about imap actions.
> In the log window, at least in Windows OS, the errors are displayed in red.

I don't use Windows, but Ubuntu 16.04, but I see some parts that are red too:

start log part:
[20:33:40] IMAP4> 110 NOOP
** LibSylph-WARNING: SSL_peek() returned error 5, ret = -1

** LibSylph-WARNING: [20:33:40] IMAP4 connection to imap.gmail.com has been disconnected. Reconnecting...

** IMAP4 connection to imap.gmail.com has been disconnected. Reconnecting...
* creating IMAP4 connection to imap.gmail.com:993 ...
[20:33:40] IMAP4< * OK Gimap ready for requests from -my address-
end log part

> > > And try the hints already told about timeout settings. 
> > How and where can I do that? is there a timing option somewhere?
> (mine is in Spanish so forgive me if the text doesn't exactly match)
> Tools Menu > Common Settings/Preference > Details Tab > Advanced panel
> Try a value of 10 seconds. That would mean that instead minutes
> stuck, in the worst cases, would mean just 20 seconds per account.

I did find the place to change the SSL time-out and made it 8 seconds.

The error above was less than one second, so that should not make the difference in this case ;-)

I can also tell this error was from the connection with Google imap not the new xs4all imap account

I do not know yet if the new account with the xs4all server gives errors too.

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