[sylpheed:36738] Re: Sylpheed not showing all attachments in the list below the headers

Anton Shepelev anton.txt at gmail.com
Thu Aug 16 04:32:51 JST 2018

Michael Shell:

> If  I send an email with attachments to myself (or
> as a CC), I can see a list of all the  attachments
> at  the top of the email (just below the headers).
> However, sometimes  when  someone  else  sends  me
> email,  I only see one attachment listed below the
> headers (in the example I have, it is the *second*
> attachment),  but if I scroll down through the en-
> tire email/attachments I find that there  actually
> are several of them (e.g., 3).
> Needless  to  say,  this  behavior can cause me to
> miss an attachment.

Conirmed.  Sylpheed won't show  attachments  at  the
top  of  the  message view that it knows to be plain
text files.  It prints them instead at the bottom.

I agree that this behavior is confusing, for  I  my-
self  have  missed  important information because of
it.  I think it would be an improvement if  Sylpheed
listed  all  attachemts  at  the  top of the message
view.  Should the user want to peruse  the  contents
of  a  plain-text  attachment  the old way, he still
find it at the bottom.

I believe you can set a test e-email  to  this  list
demostrating the behavior.  The option:

   Configuration -> Common preferences -> Display -> Attachment ->
   Show attached files first on message view

should  be  enabled.   As everybody can see, it does
not apply to all types of attachment.

Please, do not forward replies to my e-mail.

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