[sylpheed:36737] Filtering messages by age on program startup

marcin82 archonly82 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 12 03:39:29 JST 2018


I have setup GMail account on IMAP protocol. On every startup of Sylpheed I want move emails older than 1 day (age condition) from INBOX to Trash folder (trash will be clean automatically on program exit). Unfortunately filtering doesn't work on Sylpheed startup. It works when I manually run action from menu: "Tools" -> "Filter messages in this directory".

My filter looks like this:

If every rules match

To:	consists	email_address
From:	is not in addressbook
Unread:	doesn't match to status
Age:	bigger than 	1 day(s)

Take action:
Move to:	path_to_imap_directory/Trash

Can anyone confirm that works / doesn't work automatically on startup? What went wrong? How to live? ;]

Best regards,


marcin82 <archonly82 at gmail.com>

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