[sylpheed:36458] Re: Long delay/freeze after internet reconnection

Merlin Büge merlinbuege at web.de
Mon Jun 20 22:06:24 JST 2016

Hello Tom,

thank you for your reply!

> Are you using more than one IMAP account?  I experience the same
> problem, and it seems to be only when the second account is checked.
> For some reason, Sylpheed realises quickly that the connection for the
> first account has been broken but waits for a timeout on the second.  I
> tried a bit of digging, and it seems to be somewhere quite deep within
> the network code in Sylpheed.  Too deep for me to fix myself, but maybe
> Hiroyuki-san can see an obvious place to look with this information.

Yes, I'm indeed using more than one IMAP account -- sorry for not mentioning
that. I'm using 7 ones, and usually check all of them at once.

I just tried resetting the internet connection and then manually check only
one inbox for new mails - same problem. Right now I don't want to delete
my other 6 mailboxes for further investigation, because it's time consuming
to set them up again...
Note that after the long checking after internet reset, further inbox
checkings run just fine.

Okay, so if it's too hard for you to fix, then I'm lost I think :D

Maybe that gets fixed sometime... it would be nice, since it can be annoying
for laptop users.

> My usual workaround is to re-start Sylpheed after a disconnection.

Yeah, I usually don't want Sylpheed / my mail client to remember my passwords,
but this seems the only viable alternative right now.

Thank you!

Regards, Merlin

PS: Wow, Sylpheed just needed 4 minutes to check my MBs, that's a new record ;)

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