[sylpheed:36455] Long delay/freeze after internet reconnection

Merlin Büge merlinbuege at web.de
Mon Jun 20 19:35:59 JST 2016

Hello everybody :)

I'm using Sylpheed for almost 2 years now and I'm very happy with it.
I compared lots of email clients and Sylpheed by far fits my needs best :)

Anyway, I have an issue that really annoyes me, and that I don't know how to
debug. Btw, I'm not familiar with any of the mail protocols, nor with how
Sylpheed is working internally -- I'm just an end user :)

When I reset my internet connection (which for some reasons happens very often),
Sylpheed hangs for about 2 minutes when I re-check any mailbox again. The
mailbox list on the left side panel is greyed out, and Sylpheed doesn't respond
at all to any actions.
Here is some log:
I've started Sylpheed in debug mode, checked all mailboxes (which went fine),
then disconnected and reconnected my internet connection, then checked again.
Here is what Sylpheed prints (from the point of checking mails again):
(Note that the log is actually much longer, I just posted a snipped for
privacy reasons.)
It hangs about 1min after line 2, and also about 1min after line 11, and then
somwhere later again (part which I have not posted).

I also found this, but it seems that nobody has replied to that:

So, my questions:
- Does anybody else experiences this?
- How can I debug / solve this?
- Maybe this is an issue which can only be solved in Sylpheed directly and
  therefore I should switch to another client?

Thanks everybody for reading!
I'd be grateful for any comment / hint.



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