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Hi Frank,

Am Mon, 19 Oct 2015 16:09:17 +0200
schrieb mclien <frank at mclien.de>:

> Oh well, wasn't very clear here.
> Let's put it this way:
> I use gpg2 on debian for encryption. ONe thing I ask myself is: I'd
> like to lookup the keys for mailaddresses, that exist in my
> addressbook/ senders I have receved mails from. But I can't find any
> way to search keys, when I only have the mailaddress. (couldn't find
> it so far by searching gpg2 and getting keys by emailaddress) I know
> that enigmail do have a trick to do so. So is there a plugin for
> sylpheed or does anybody knoe the trick to do so from CLI (Iso far
> only found a way to get the key, when I have the key ID already..)

All this work ist done by gpg. Sylpheed just asks gpg to do all the
encryption-stuff. So there's no need to save public keys in sylpheeds
address book. It's saved in the gpg keyring and sylpheed itself doesnt
care about it.

> The oter thing is: Ho can I make sylpheed remember the kye for some
> minutes?

You might use gpg-agent.

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