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Oliver Meißner <lists.o at la-familia-grande.de> wrote:

> ...
> All this work ist done by gpg. Sylpheed just asks gpg to do all the
> encryption-stuff. So there's no need to save public keys in sylpheeds
> address book. It's saved in the gpg keyring and sylpheed itself doesnt
> care about it.
Yes, it might be a gpg question.
What I ment was this:
gpg can get one key (or more) if given as key ID/fingerprint and import it. The problem is that this: 
a)is tedious
b)doable if you actually have the key ID/fingerprint. If you only have the email address it won't work (or I don't know the gpg magic here). Enigmail is able to just import a key by known emailaddresses (to my knowledge at least)

I know that sylpheed uses the gpg keyring. At the moment I have to ask any contact for their key ID, which makes the public key severs a bit less usefull.

> > The oter thing is: Ho can I make sylpheed remember the kye for some
> > minutes?
> You might use gpg-agent.

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