[sylpheed:36338] fast switching between font sizes

Attila Kinali attila at kinali.ch
Wed Aug 26 00:52:41 JST 2015


As I read/write emails in Japanese from time to time, I always have to
switch font sizes when I do so. For text in latin characters, an 8pt
font is my default. But for kanji, I need to enlarge it to at least 12pt
to comfortably read the characters (otherwise they are just a blurry blob).

Would it be able to configure a second font or fontsize, and have a button
(or key shortcut, or an entry in the "View" menu) to switch between the two?
It would get rid of my second biggest annoyance with sylpheed ;-)

Thanks in advance

			Attila Kinali

It is upon moral qualities that a society is ultimately founded. All 
the prosperity and technological sophistication in the world is of no 
use without that foundation.
                 -- Miss Matheson, The Diamond Age, Neil Stephenson

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