[sylpheed:36205] Re: Always Start in Offline Mode?

Carlos Albert discomakberto at inbox.com
Sun Oct 26 08:40:59 JST 2014

Hi, there!

I did some tests with Slypheed 3.4.0 beta7, and the behavior is the same,
even if I am completely offline when I initiate Slypheed. As a matter of
fact, and let's assume again that I am completely offline, if I move the
mouse pointer to the connection image (which is on by default even if I am
completely offline), there is a hidden message that reads: "You are online.
Click on the icon to go offline". One more time, this is certainly false
because I am completely offline and there is absolutely no connection to the
Internet. While this issue is not a big one, it is definitely inaccurate and
misleading. One way or another, as it appears that threre is no way to fix
this error, I am throwing in my towel. My only hope is that a future version
of Sylpheed corrects this, and I really hope this becomes a reality, for I
am planning to use additional mailboxes in offline mode.

Thanks for all your help.

Carlos Albert
Disco Makberto 

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