[sylpheed:36204] Re: Always Start in Offline Mode?

Carlos Albert discomakberto at inbox.com
Sat Oct 18 13:58:34 JST 2014

Peter Withey <pete <at> pwithey.co.uk> writes:

> Hi Carlos, I hadn't realised there was a "work offline" in the "File" menu.
> It isn't even mentioned in the online manual item 6.1 "File menu".
> After experimenting I see it works as you say and doesn't retain the setting
> after closing and reopening Sylpheed. 
> Having said that in a POP3 configuration "un-checking" the two items
"check for 
> new mail on startup" and "auto-check for new mail" in "Common preferences"
> achieve what you want whatever the "Work offline" setting. Sylpheed
retains those 
> settings between sessions, therefore never attempts to retrieve new mail
> you ask it to, and you can read your old mail at leisure.
> What am I missing?
> > 
> > By the way, if it helps in any way, I am using Slypheed 3.4.2.
> 3.4.0 beta7 here.

Hello, Peter!

I tried with Slypheed 3.4.2 and the setting is not retained for the next
session (when Slypheed 3.4.2 is re-started, it always re-starts in online
mode). This happens in spite of the fact that I used the option "Work
Offline", and I wanted to keep that option in place session after session.
This happens whether I use IMAP or POP3. I am not sure about the behavior of
Slypheed 3.4.0, so I ought to try that one (or should I try the beta7 version?).

Just for the record, please let me state that this is not a problem per se
but rather a little nuisance. I can still access my local mails in online or
offline mode. However, when I am completely offline, and I start Slypheed
3.4.2, the connection image shows an online connection (and I am completely
offline!). I believe this is not the way Slypheed should act simply because
it is not true. This is not what is really happening since there is no
connection. Conclusively, I think it would be great for me to find a way to
always start Slypheed in offline mode whether I am connected to the Internet
or not. As such, this would definitely be a truer representation of the


Carlos Albert
Disco Makberto

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