[sylpheed:36203] Re: Always Start in Offline Mode?

Peter Withey pete at pwithey.co.uk
Fri Oct 17 20:35:19 JST 2014

On Fri, 17 Oct 2014 04:13:11 +0000 (UTC)
You wrote:

> Javier says:
> > > Hi,
> > > 
> > > No, Peter, that only would prevent to check mails at startup or
> > > automatically check.
> > > 
> > > When you want to read IMAP locally cached mails you don't wont
> > > Sylpheed to connect, as when you select a folder, automatically
> > > connects to the server to sync the folder, even if you have the mails
> > > cached.
> > 
> Peter says:
> > Ah, Sorry, I did misunderstand the problem. I didn't consider the use 
> > of IMAP. I use POP3 and those settings allow me to read saved mail 
> > without downloading new mail until I'm ready.
> Carlos says:
> Thank you for your reponses. I originally used IMAP, and as Javier is 
> confirming, local mails cannot be set up to always start in offline mode (that 
> is, to always read local mails in offline mode without a Slypheed connection).
> Thus, every time Slypheed is started, it starts in online mode, and the only 
> way to go to offline mode is by using the "Work Offline" option or by clicking
> the connection image. However, this offline status is not maintained between 
> sessions, and again, Slypheed starts one more time in online mode when a 
> new session is initiated.
> I don't really understand what Peter is saying as it applies to what I am trying
> to achieve, well, II mean, I know what he is describing, but those are not my 
> intentions. I am not interested in reading new emails simply because I can't 
> as my mail provider is no longer in service. What I have are local mails 
> (MBOX files converted to native Splyphed files). One way or another, in trying
> to reproduce what Peter is describing, I created a dummy POP3 account, 
> and added local mail. Still, Slypheed starts in online mode, and offline mode
> is not kept between sessions even if I use the "Work Offline" option. I believe
> that my settings follow Peter's advice as it pertains to configuration. Still, I 
> cannot make Slypheed to always start in offline mode.

Hi Carlos, I hadn't realised there was a "work offline" in the "File" menu.
It isn't even mentioned in the online manual item 6.1 "File menu".

After experimenting I see it works as you say and doesn't retain the setting
after closing and reopening Sylpheed. 

Having said that in a POP3 configuration "un-checking" the two items "check for 
new mail on startup" and "auto-check for new mail" in "Common preferences" will
achieve what you want whatever the "Work offline" setting. Sylpheed retains those 
settings between sessions, therefore never attempts to retrieve new mail unless 
you ask it to, and you can read your old mail at leisure.

What am I missing?

> By the way, if it helps in any way, I am using Slypheed 3.4.2.

3.4.0 beta7 here.
Peter Withey

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