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Gene Goldenfeld genegold at fastmail.fm
Wed Jun 4 20:43:48 JST 2014

Wlecome to Sylpheed.  Many of us have thanked Hiro many times over the
years and continue to do so.  It only appears less so now since
Sylpheed is so well written and established that there has been much
less exchange on the list. 

Perhaps because you use an "enclosed" system such as AOL, you
don't appreciate about empty subject lines and their usefulness,
including the reminder (I've had to explain it to older relatives who
use AOL too). First, for many years empty subject lines were (and still
occasionaly are) the modus operandi of mass spammers and those sending
malware.  Knowing that helped intelligent users spot potential
problems, while the attitude you express about someone taking the time
to write is one that helped facilitate the spread of malware around the
world.  Second, a subject line is a matter of elementary courtesy
toward others, one that lets the receiver(s) know what the email is
about, at least its general subject, so they can decide whether or not
they want to read it and when. And third, in the various subject
folders for email I keep, I'd be at a complete loss trying to find what
I need w/o subject lines. 


On Wed, 4 Jun 2014 00:31:33 -0700
<cgw993 at aol.com> wrote:

> I just wanted to give some feedback for Sylpheed. I am still using
> ...
>  On this mailing list I do not see a lot of people giving a thanks or
> positive feedback for this software.  So Hiroyuki, if you are the
> creator of Sylpheed or largely responsible for it,  then "well done,
> good work, Keep it up and thanks".
> The only change I would make to Sylpheed is to have the ability to
> disable the confirmation box when  a user wants to sent an email with
> an empty subject line.  I know I differ from a lot of users on this,
> but I do not find subject lines to be useful or even a good idea.  If
> someone takes the time to personally write me an email, I open it and
> read it.  I agree that subject lines are great to help others
> organize your sent emails (NSA, AOL, Google, Random Servers, Etc).

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