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cgw993 at aol.com cgw993 at aol.com
Wed Jun 4 16:31:33 JST 2014

I just wanted to give some feedback for Sylpheed. I am still using Outlook
and AOL unfortunately, but I do test out other email clients often either
directly in Windows, or on a Linux Distro via VM's virtual machine in

Sylpheed is the email client that I choose to work with the most when
"practicing" with Linux and getting ready to switch over.  It has proven to
be very reliable, comparatively simple and lightweight. It does not have a
lot of unnecessary junk that I see so often with some of the other clients.
It does not attempt to become a "personal information manager", whatever
that is.  It does one thing, Email, and does it well.  

 On this mailing list I do not see a lot of people giving a thanks or
positive feedback for this software.  So Hiroyuki, if you are the creator of
Sylpheed or largely responsible for it,  then "well done, good work, Keep
it up and thanks".

The only change I would make to Sylpheed is to have the ability to disable
the confirmation box when  a user wants to sent an email with an empty
subject line.  I know I differ from a lot of users on this, but I do not
find subject lines to be useful or even a good idea.  If someone takes the
time to personally write me an email, I open it and read it.  I agree that
subject lines are great to help others organize your sent emails (NSA, AOL,
Google, Random Servers, Etc).

My current project with Sylpheed is learing how to get GnuPGP to work.  I
will keep trying at it but if I am unsuccessful I will post back here.

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