[sylpheed:35861] Re: Sylpheed unusable on IMAP mailbox with high ping

Javier meresponde2001-sylpheed at yahoo.es
Sun Nov 3 11:01:22 JST 2013


Play with the socket i/o timeout setting value. It's in the last
Details tab and the last Advanced tab.

As it is by default (30 seconds if remember correctly) I had that
troubles even with the lower ping on IMAP servers. I finally set to
just 3 seconds and now, when doesn't connect, instead to get Sylpheed
locked (it really locks!!), it just tries to reconnect and, at that
new connection, all works fine.

May be not a solution for you, but for me worked. Try to find the best
timout value for you.

I don't think there is a fix for this in the Sylpheed side as all
depends in the timeout of the session at the server too, but maybe
set by default a lower value, Hiroyuki, could be better. It's just my
opinion :)


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