[sylpheed:35862] Line height in folder view and summary view

Siard shiems146 at kpnplanet.nl
Mon Nov 4 04:37:14 JST 2013


I have Sylpheed installed in Debian. When I once installed it in
Ubuntu, I noticed that the line height (the distance between lines)
in the folder view and summary view was much smaller than in Debian.
I would welcome this in Debian too, for I have a long list of newsgroups
and mailboxes, so it would make frequent scrolling unneeded.

As far as I understand, it has not much to do with Sylpheed; it must be
some GTK setting. I see similar line heights in other GTK applications,
such as Liferea (RSS news reader).

Does someone know which GTK setting this is?  I looked around in
gconf-editor, but did not find anything that affects it.

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