[sylpheed:35860] Sylpheed unusable on IMAP mailbox with high ping

Stefan A. stefan.a at portblue.net
Sun Nov 3 09:54:53 JST 2013

Dear Sylpheed users,

I have run into a strange situation where, ever since moving from
Europe to Japan at the beginning of October, I have been pretty much
unable to use Sylpheed properly with my European mail server. My mail
provider's servers are in Germany and my internet connection in Japan
here isn't the fastest (some older type of ADSL), so I suspect my
mailbox to have a terrible ping. Sylpheed doesn't seem to handle this
very well. It regularly "freezes" after sitting idle for a few minutes
after startup. It crashes when I try to send emails, update the status
of messages (flag, colour etc.), or move messages between folders.
Needless to say, this situation is not acceptable.

I run Sylpheed on an Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise) 64bit system and have
experienced the same problems with both Sylpheed 3.2.0 beta5 (installed
via the package manager) and Sylpheed 3.4.0 beta6 (latest build 1151
compiled from source). All mailboxes are IMAP, and I have tried
disabling filtering for incoming messages and turning off "non-blocking
SSL", but to no avail. All mailboxes (even mailboxes on different
servers, all in Germany) are affected. I was wondering if others have
experienced the same thing, or if anyone has a suggestion on certain
settings to try out? I would be quite sad if I had to stop using
Sylpheed for this reason, but after a month of losing work-related
mail and messing around with settings, I don't see a lot of options.


Stefan A. <stefan.a at portblue.net>

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