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tristan foxtail at gmx.fr
Sat Nov 2 05:15:55 JST 2013

On 01/11/2013 21:08, cgw993 at aol.com wrote:
> I am not giving Sylpheed a hard time at all.  I would like to know how the
> licensing concepts work in general.
> cgw993
i know you are not giving Sylpheed a hard time (:-))
i was joking..
your questions are ""légitimate"..most of us have been
quite shocked by the big spy scam nsa,i just use
a Freed_ora linux-libre operating system and avoid
using other systems that do not respect my freedom..
am no specialist as to gpl and other licenses but if
most gnu/linux os recommended by the gnu_org & fsf,so
i guess Sylpheed's respect our freedom.otherwise it would not
be in the libre_os..


Linux, as distributed by Linus Torvalds et al, contains non-Free 
<http://www.fsfla.org/ikiwiki/selibre/linux-libre/index.en.html>, i.e., 
software that does not respect your essential freedoms 
<http://www.fsfla.org/ikiwiki/about/what-is-free-software.en.html>, and 
it induces you to install additional non-Free Software that it doesn't 

GNU Linux-libre 
<http://www.fsfla.org/ikiwiki/selibre/linux-libre/index.en.html> is a 
project to maintain and publish 100% Free versions of Linux, removing 
the offending 
<http://www.fsfla.org/ikiwiki/selibre/linux-libre/index.en.html> portions.

Freed-ora is a sub-project that prepares and maintains 100% Free RPMs 
that track Fedora's non-Free kernels.

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> I'd much prefer blasting the NSA to space and let them handle mysterious Pac
> man invaders than giving a hard time to Sylpheed..
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> On Thu, 31 Oct 2013 20:47:30 -0700 cgw993 wrote...
>> I like Sylpheed.   My only concern is that some of the code is non free I
>> guess.   I am hesitant to invest in learning new software unless I know
> for
>> certain I am not being spied on, that features are not forced on me
>> whenever the developer feels like.  Non free code often can allow this.
>> Thx for reading.   Just wanted to rant about Outlook. Microsoft sucks.
> If you have concerns about how a developer designs his application, you have
> the option of designing or refining your own.  Find an open source MUA and
> tweak it to your hearts content.  If this is beyond your abilities, I guess
> you have to live with what is available to you for **FREE**.

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