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> Subject: [sylpheed:35560] Filtering
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> Hello all,
> 1) I defined a new filter (already about 30 filters defined), and executed
> 'Filter all messages in folder'. I then get a message:
> "Error while filtering messages", but no indication which is the
> problematic message. There are 260+ message in the folder, and the
> status bar says '86 messages processed'.
> 2) But that number is not really indicative, it seems. If I select 30-odd
> messages and execte 'Filter selected messages', it reports (just an
> example) 13 messages filtered. (or 7 or 11 according to which block
> is selected).
> Q1: How do I determine the problem which was reported?
> Q2: Why aren't all selected messages reported as filtered?
> John

Hi John,
In case you didn't get this already- Q1 should take no more than 8 tries to find the bad email. Select half and half again and half again etc until you narrow it down.  Q2 it appears to report on the number of messages 'moved' or 'filtered out'.  I probably don't understand what you are asking though.  Does that answer you?


Mike Hogg <me at themikehogg.com>

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