[sylpheed:35926] Re: Canceling newsgroup messages

Siard shiems146 at kpnplanet.nl
Fri Dec 20 06:14:13 JST 2013

Anton Shepelev:
> Siard:
> > As  far  as  I  can see, Sylpheed has no option to
> > cancel a newsgroup message once it has been sent.
> >
> > But is there a way,  by  commandline  perhaps,  to
> > cancel a message that has been sent with Sylpheed?
> Yes.   You can fill the Control: header as described
> here:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Control_message#cancel
> No need for a special Subject: .   In  Sylpheed  one
> can do this via:
>      Account preferences (for NNTP) -> Send ->
>      Add user-defined header
> Note that not all servers respect  Cancel  requests,
> although  AIOE  and ES do.

This  is very interesting.  I'm on ES, I tested it and
it  works  indeed.  I  also  found  that my ISP's news
server (news.kpn.nl) does _not_ support it.

> Normal  newsreaders can issue cancel requests at the
> strike of a key.

The  situations in which canceling a message is useful
are  rare;  typically once in several months.  So it's
not a problem if it takes a little more effort.

> For  more  details,   see  my  topic  "Cancelling  a
> message" on
>              eternal-september.support

Found that thread.  I did not know of the existence of
this and all those other ES newsgroups.
Thanks a lot!

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