[sylpheed:35906] Where does Sylpheed store SSL certificates now?

Craig freecycle01 at pisquared.net
Thu Dec 5 10:17:32 JST 2013

I have been having problems with my ISP putting a new SSL certificate
on-line and having it self-signed.

I had clicked on "Always Accept", so I wasn't getting the warning.

I quit Sylpheed (3.4.0beta7), moved ~/.sylpheed-2.0/trust.crt to /tmp,
and restarted Sylpheed.

I found that I again got the self signed certificate warning.

Quitting Sylpheed, moving trust.crt back to ~/.sylpheed-2.0 and
restarting Sylpheed allowed me to send and receive again.

Just for grins, and to see it create trust.crt afresh, I quit Sylpheed,
moved trust.crt back to /tmp, and restarted Sylpheed. I checked email and
clicked on "Always Accept". I then looked in ~/.sylpheed-2.0 and found
there was no trust.crt!

It's remembering the certificate, but I now cannot find where.

Where does Sylpheed remember certificates now?



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