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On 27/08/2013 19:22, cgw993 at aol.com wrote:
> Thank you for your reply.  On these mailing lists, should my response 
> be at the bottom of the email or at the top? I am unsure of the etiquette
to use.
> What did you mean by Blag 140000, is the 140000 the version?   And what is
> Blag not supported by?   I also have Blag as it was listed on the website
> the Free Software Foundation as one  of the few completely free
Blag 140000is what is what you get when you download from their site its
based  on Fedora 14...17 is no longer supported,but i discovered Sylpheed in

That's too bad they are not supporting any more, but I will install the
other free versions as well, hopefully one or more of those are currently

*this is supported.. its 100% free of any proprietary sofware*:
 >>>>> ftp://blag.fsf.org/160000/en/iso/

> distributions of GNU operating system.    I dedicated a hard drive for
> Blag and when I boot, if I want to switch operating systems, I go into 
> Bios and switch the order of the boot - not sure if that is the same 
> thing as dual booting or not.
looks like it ie means you choose which one to use ..
>    Lately, in order to speed up my learning process I have installed 
> Oracle Virtual Machine

VM you are a crack!!!i personnaly have had some difficulties on non
graphical installs and partioning.....getting out of subject i guess
>   and have installed Blag on that.   On
> that virtual machine I will be installing the other 5 or 6 completely 
> free operating systems so that I can check them all out.
> I have Claws Mail installed as of today, it seems to be working on Windows
> 7.   Did you download from the official websitehttp://www.claws-mail.org/?
yes i did...microsoft?anyhow if i sign up to sylpheed its not to use
i just like the simplicity of its use .
That is what I am after as well.   I had difficulty figuring out how to get
the plug-ins installed for Sylpheed running in windows and after a 20 min or
so, looked for and installed an alternative, Claws which is working so far.

> I do want to get on over to a GNU operating system as soon as possible 
> but still the process will take awhile.
well if you are trying them out in Vm box,you have more than an idea.its a
matter of choice some others might be able to help i'm a newcomer to all of
this myself.But its changed my approach and gnu+linux libre os are so much
more user friendly.

Good to know.   I am a newcomer too.  I like the GNU + Linux distros as
well.   The software seems to follow a more logical approach and is
predictable which I love.  With Windows, I struggled for years to figure out
the logic of it because I assumed it was there.  I never realized it was
intentionally designed to prevent users from gaining control over the
software.  I think that is really unforgiveable, they can never repay me for
the hundreds of hours of time wasted trying to figure out their bogus
system.   I do hate Microsoft for this along with the others (Apple, Adobe,
and the newest member of my scumbag list - Symantec).

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> On 27/08/2013 18:33,cgw993 at aol.com  wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am a new user to Sylpheed.
> me too thats why i joined the mailing list..but i have recently used it on
> BLAG 140000 gnu+linux(no longer supported OS) and prefered it to
> Thunderbird,Icedove&Evolution,basically a very simple mail client.no fancy
> stuff.
>>     My intent is to eventually transition all of my software over to
>> GPL licensed software, but for now I am using Windows 7 and installing
>> some Free software in order to become familiar with how they work.
> i did the transition 3 months ago and have booted into different
> Gnu+Linux operating systems
> i did try out a few open-source/libre programs on win 7 and often they
> not install,they were ""incompatible !!""Claws mail by example.If you want
> to run many Gpl sofware best is to use a Gnu+Linux operating system or
> boot Win7&another system of your choice.
>> In Sylpheed, does a user need to install a  patch in order to use a
>> junk mail filter such as Bogofilter?  If so how does a user install
>> this in Windows 7?  I have downloaded Bogofilter from Sourceforge but
>> I do not know how to install it.  Any help would be appreciated.
> sorry can't help yu on that one but spam filtering depends also on your
> mailbox.
>> Thank you,
>> Mach

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