[sylpheed:35107] Focus problem when reediting/forwarding emails after attachment deleted

Gene Goldenfeld genegold at fastmail.fm
Thu Feb 16 05:50:11 JST 2012

In 3.2.0 beta 5/Win32 (Win 7/64), I was just trying to reedit an email
whose attachments I had removed after sending.  When I open it with
Re-edit (or Forward), it opens then immediately gives a popup Notice
that the .pdf is empty, apparently one for each pdf.  That's ok, but the
problem is that on clicking OK on the Notice the compose window
disappears from focus, as if the empty pdf blocked re-editing or
forwarding entirely. Unless the user knows to look down in the Taskbar
at the the Sylpheed icon and see multiple open windows showing, they
wouldn't realize the opened compose window was actually still available.


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