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richard lucassen mailinglists at lucassen.org
Mon Feb 13 20:07:57 JST 2012

Hello list,

I have been using Sylpheed for quite a few years now (I switched from
Netscape to Sylpheed) and it works perfectly well, but there is one very
very annoying thing: when Sylpheed starts checking for new messages
while you're sending a mail, the mail is sent, but can't be saved to the
"Sent" folder. When using an IMAP server with lots of folders this
"checking for new messages" takes quite a long time (6 seconds in my
case + a few seconds for an external NNTP server) And when being
connected over a slow line, this time increases even more.

Although this seems to be a minor issue, I fear this is quite difficult
to resolve. But would it be an idea to block the "send" button while
"check for new messages" is running? Or, the other way round, block
"check for new messages" when a message is being sent?

And wouldn't it be nice if there were a config option "reset check for
new messages timer when manual activity is detected"? The timer is only
useful when Sylpheed is idle IMHO ;-)


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