[sylpheed:35108] user attributes in forlder properties

Vladi Belperchinov-Shabanski cade at datamax.bg
Thu Feb 16 21:30:48 JST 2012


I have couple of tools for inbound mail notification and automatic
filters construction. They both work on Sylpheed folder trees and 
I keep configuration in separated file.

It would be very useful for me to have "User Attributes" inside
folder properties. The same tab as in editing Address Book entry
(i.e. Key=Value pairs). This way I can control the tools from
inside Sylpheed and configuration will be kept inside the folder
(I guess separated file like .sylpheed_attrs inside directory).

I think that format of the user attributes file can be simple


but XML is also an option (like in addressbook.xml) and it can
be extended in the future probably.



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