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Fri Dec 21 01:45:35 JST 2012

  I tried to contact Hiroyuki via private e-mail, but got no response
so far, so I thought that it could have got into spam (I experienced
such problems recently) and decided to forward the e-mail to mailing
list just in case.

Begin forwarded message:

Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2012 03:36:21 +0200
From: Vladimir Smolyar <v_2e at ukr.net>
To: hiro-y at kcn.ne.jp
Subject: Sylpheed 3.3.0 Ukrainian translation

  I upgraded Sylpheed to version 3.3.0 and found that the Ukrainian
translation had changed since my last edition. I also noticed some
errors in that translation which I fixed earlier. It looks like Oleg
Nykyforchyn updated the translation using his own old .po files instead
of the newer translation by accident, and for this reason some mistakes
and inaccuracies came back.
   So, I took my translation which was used for the previous version of
Sylpheed and updated it to the version 3.3.0 (it is attached to this
e-mail). I also took into account some style elements chosen by Oleg in
his translation (where appropriate).

  However, we still have some old and new problems with translation.
The new one: there is a string which misses (at least as it seems to
me) a couple of words. Here it is:

#: plugin/attachment_tool/attachment_tool.c:272
msgid "Do you really remove attached files from the selected messages?"
msgstr ""

  Maybe it should look like this? "
Do you really want to remove the attached files from the selected

  And the old ones:
  The buttons "Compose" and "Send"  on the toolbar and the
corresponding tabs in the "Configuration" --> "Common preferences..."
menu should have the separate translations, since in some languages
(like Russian, Ukrainian and some others probably) they look different
depending on the particular usage. To be more precise, in the
Configuration dialog box tab names they are nouns, while in the toolbar
they should be verbs.

  Could you please make separate translations for them if possible?


Vladimir Smolyar
E-mail: v_2e at ukr.net
Jabber: v_2e at jabber.od.ua
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