[sylpheed:35503] Moving many mails on IMAP leading to Socket UI timeout

Till Kolditz till.kolditz at gmail.com
Fri Dec 21 00:33:11 JST 2012

Dear Hiroyuki,

I recently encountered the following problem: when moving many mails on an IMAP
server between 2 folders, LibSylph runs into a socket timeout, but fails to
handle this state in a user-friendly fashion. This could be e.g. to reconnect,
or mark the imap-mailbox as not connected. When this error occurs and I click
on a folder of that IMAP-box (in the tree view) the mail-count is set to zero
and no mails are displayed. Only the log then shows that there is an error (the
"Kann Ordner ..." errors)

Could this be fixed in a future version, please? Or is there some way e.g. to
increase the timeout?

Best Regards
Till Kolditz
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