[sylpheed:34809] "Show icon and notifications" not holding for Sylpheed in Win 7/32

Gene Goldenfeld genegold at fastmail.fm
Sat Sep 24 08:05:04 JST 2011

The instructions for Win 7 say that to show an icon in the Notification
Area all the time, you change the option to "Show icon and
notifications." That setting is not holding here for Sylpheed. It
reverts to "Only show notifications." In fact, if I close and reopen
Sylpheed (between/within computer sessions), a second Sylpheed entry
appears in the Notification Area pop up list showing the same setting.
This disappearing act was an occasional problem with XP, but is
constant with Win 7. 

I posted the issue on Microsoft Answers forum and a "support engineer"
got back to me that, "The issue is  related to email client, I would
suggest you to contact the email client support."

Gene Goldenfeld

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