[sylpheed:34613] Re: New beahviour with unread messages in 3.1.1

Gene Goldenfeld genegold at fastmail.fm
Fri Jun 17 01:38:53 JST 2011

On Thu, 16 Jun 2011 09:50:41 +0200
Frantz de Germain <Frantz.de-Germain at info.univ-angers.fr> wrote:

> Hello,
> I recently upgraded to the 3.1.1 version (Ubuntu).
> I've noticed some new behaviours with unread messages :
> - before upgrade, when I clicked on an unread message to move it to
> another folder, it was keeping its unread mark. Now, the messages I
> move are automatically unmarked (as read), though I move them in
> other folders to read them later. 

I use the Win32 version, but I suspect the answer is the same across
platforms.  Sylpheed used to mark messages as read once they were
clicked on.  Then with one of the late v2 or early v3 betas or
releases, it switched so that they remained bold even after being
clicked on.  I don't know if that was intentional on Hiro's part, but
that behavior is not normal or very practical (having to click twice to
unmark), and a number of us asked for it to be changed back.  It was,
and that's why it looks new to you.  The way to mark messages unread
(bold), at least in Windows, is to use Shift-1. The way to move them as
unread is to hold the Shift key, then click on the email and drag and
drop it where desired (holding Cntl instead Shift leaves one copy in
each place).  


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