[sylpheed:34611] New beahviour with unread messages in 3.1.1

Frantz de Germain Frantz.de-Germain at info.univ-angers.fr
Thu Jun 16 16:50:41 JST 2011


I recently upgraded to the 3.1.1 version (Ubuntu).

I've noticed some new behaviours with unread messages :

- before upgrade, when I clicked on an unread message to move it to another
folder, it was keeping its unread mark. Now, the messages I move are
automatically unmarked (as read), though I move them in other folders to read
them later. 

- when I delete a message with "Suppr" the message is marked whith an "X" (as
expected by my preferences) and the next one his highlighted. Ok. But the one
I mark for deletion are no more unmarked (as read) as it used to do before.



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