[sylpheed:34943] Re: How to configure the posting style (Top-posting or Bottom-posting) in Sylpheed?

Frantz de Germain Frantz.de-Germain at info.univ-angers.fr
Mon Dec 12 21:54:30 JST 2011


Le Mon, 12 Dec 2011 10:49:27 +0100
Antonio Ospite <ospite at studenti.unina.it> écrivait:

> Just my opinion, which doesn't answer your question about whether the
> behavior is configurable, sorry.
> I never top-post but I don't really care about where the cursor is when
> the reply is open because I scroll the message anyway to reply
> _in-line_ item by item and to trim useless parts of the quoted message.

me too ;-)


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