[sylpheed:34919] Re: How to get useful printouts from Sylpheed on Windows?

Ervin Peters ervin.peters at ervnet.de
Fri Dec 9 02:37:06 JST 2011

Am Thu, 8 Dec 2011 12:15:39 +0000 (GMT) schrieb pn361529 at yahoo.com:

> Is there any way of printing E-Mails nicely with Sylpheed when using
> Windows?

I made a little perl script (attached) as external print command which
fills out a TeX - Template and compiles it via pdflatex. That
gives a printout, but only fpr the plain text body delivered via the
sylpheed print command.

Unfortunately - for WinDows Users - ther must be Perl available, TeX, a
perl module called Text::Template...

I'm runnning gentoo linux (utf-8) and locatet 'printmail' in ~/bin and
mailtmpl.tex in ./.printmail/.

Surely there is many room for improvments - the main question für me
how to select and print more parts of multipart messages.

Is there a way for sylpheed to transfer the whole mails, decoded to


Ervin Peters
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