[sylpheed:34915] How to configure the posting style (Top-posting or Bottom-posting) in Sylpheed?

pn361529 at yahoo.com pn361529 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 8 22:28:30 JST 2011


i have a question:

Is there a way to configure the posting style in Sylpheed (meaning choosing between Top-posting and Bottom-posting)? This is not a request for changing the default behaviour of Sylpheed or something like that, it's a question about how to configure it.

Unfortunately and surprisingly i couldn't find anything about this (for Sylpheed).

What i read about is, that this seems to be configurable in Claws Mail in the compose preferences for reply and forward templates via positioning the cursor either above or below a quote by using the %X symbol.

But Sylpheed doesn't seem to know/recognize this %X symbol. When trying to use it in Configuration ---> Common Preferences ---> Compose ---> Format it doesn't seem to work.

Is there anyone who could explain how to configure the posting style in Sylpheed and how to configure the position of the cursor, if possible at all?

Thank you very much in advance.


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