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Wed May 12 07:42:42 JST 2010

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Pada tanggal Tue, 11 May 2010 19:11:13 +0800, Goh Lip <g.lip at gmx.com>
menulis email dengan judul (Re: [sylpheed:33951] Re: Filter conundrum):

> I am just answering IW here as I am not clear about Gene's problem,
> and as there are some 'technical' suggestions here, I hope my
> 'novice' suggestion is not out of place or misses the point; and if
> it does, I apologize.
> IW, have you tried using the conditions....
> o if *any* of the conditions rather than
> o if *all* of the conditions   (default setting)

Yes - this is how it is set.

> and make additional conditions not just using
> "if email adddress *from* = x " but also
> "if email adddress *cc* = x "
> 'from" or 'to' but also using 'cc' ?
> Some senders 'cc' not 'to' you?

This as well. I have it set to look at both cc and to. As i said, it
seems to work most of the time. But for example. 3 days ago I sent 3
separate emails to 3 separate people listed on the filter. Nothing
fancy - straight To: so and so at domain.com

Usually they are filtered to my correct archive. This time no. None of
them. I tried manually filtering. Nothing happened. The To: headers
match my filter. There were no copies, nothing unusual. Yet emails I
sent to those exac t same addresses LATER DID go through to the right

 I might add
another odd occurrence is that every few days emails I have filtered
into different folders will suddenly show as "unread" (even one *I*
sent) in the folder. So if I send an email to family X, or newslist Y,
2 or 3 days later it might suddenly show in the filtering folder as
unread! It seems to be random. I have NO filters ANYWHERE set to change
anything to "unread".  And it is random. Sometimes days go by without it
happening. Sometimes several emails at a time will suddenly show as
unread. It is not a big deal and I am not going to waste time trying to
work it out unless someone knows why it happening. 


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