[sylpheed:33758] Re: annoying main-window-follows-popup-window

Doruk Fisek dfisek at fisek.com.tr
Thu Mar 4 16:00:45 JST 2010

Thu, 4 Mar 2010 03:34:59 +0100, MeloDramus <melodramus at online.de> :

> extend and not have it reduced to a windows clone. i use compiz,
> exposé and lots of workspaces and lay out all "critical" windows at
> certain, thoughtfully chosen places. they are meant to stay there.
> and, i get very angry every time a window thinks it has to move to
> the current workspace and place itself upfront.
If I understand your problem correctly, this isn't the doing of
Sylpheed but the window manager / desktop environment of your
choosing AND it's configurable.

For example in KDE, clicking on the north-left icon of the Sylpheed
window opens a menu where you can select,

Configure Window Behavior -> Window-Specific Settings

where you can define all Sylpheed windows to be confined to a specific
desktop. That way when Sylpheed produces a pop-up, it doesn't come-up
on your active window but on the desktop it's defined.

I'm sure there are similar setting in others.


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