[sylpheed:33754] annoying main-window-follows-popup-window

MeloDramus melodramus at online.de
Thu Mar 4 11:34:59 JST 2010


though the certificate-untrusted popup can appear on a different
workspace without the main window following it, the new-sylpheed popup
draws the main window with it. i know that this is a so called
industrial standard, but it is not following the specification and also
quite annoying if you want to use unix and workspaces to its extend and
not have it reduced to a windows clone. i use compiz, exposé and lots
of workspaces and lay out all "critical" windows at certain,
thoughtfully chosen places. they are meant to stay there. and, i get
very angry every time a window thinks it has to move to the current
workspace and place itself upfront.

please consider a less annoying behaviour. popups might "pop up" just
upfront the window i'm actively using (though this is already
problematic) but the main window should always stay where it is,

MeloDramus <melodramus at online.de>

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