[sylpheed:33744] Re: Keyboard shortcuts

Einar Lielmanis einars at gmail.com
Tue Mar 2 21:23:58 JST 2010

> Ron:
> I made that change, and I'm able to do as you described, including
> displaying in the menu text. Unfortunately, the hotkey doesn't work
> when I press it. I tried a few different ones (ctrl-r, shift-r, ~,
> etc), it didn't seem to honour it. 

> Any thoughts?

Well, you can also go the manual editing route:

- close sylpheed (otherwise your changes will be overwritten)
- edit ~/.sylpheed*/menurc
- find, uncommenting if necessary, the line you're interested in
- add your own shortcut, e.g

(gtk_accel_path "<Main>/Message/Mark/Mark thread as read" "<Shift>r")

- save, run sylpheed, enjoy keyboard happiness!


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