[sylpheed:34083] Problem with creating IMAP accounts

Anton Shepelev anton.txt at gmail.com
Sun Jun 20 17:40:56 JST 2010

Hello all,

I  have  found  a  problem with the way Sylpheed's
wizard creates an IMAP account.

After asking for the initial data it tries to con-
nect to the server for the first time and asks for
password. If it is entered  at  this  moment  then
everything works ok, but if the "Cancel" button is
pressed and the password is entered in the account
configuration Sylpheed does not seem to be getting
the correct password from there.

So if the user tries to get the count of new  mes-
sages  for  that account (after having entered the
correct password manually in Account Preferences),
nothing  happens:  no  error  is  reported; No new
entries appear in  the "Log messages", except that
the first unsuccessful attempt is reported:

* creating IMAP4 connection to imap.gmail.com:993 ...
** LibSylph-WARNING: [12:32:26] Could not establish IMAP connection.

** Could not establish IMAP connection.
[12:32:26] IMAP4> 43 NOOP
[12:32:27] IMAP4< 43 OK Success
[12:32:27] IMAP4> 44 CLOSE
[12:32:27] IMAP4< 44 OK Returned to authenticated state. (Success)

However, if the same account is  created  directly
from Edit Accounts -> Add no problems occur.


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