[sylpheed:33720] Window positions

Per Danielsson pd at sics.se
Fri Feb 26 06:32:22 JST 2010


Sylpheed remembers some window positions on the screen, but not all,
and sometimes to much.

This is on MS Windows Vista.

0. When you start Sylpheed the main window has the same size and
    position as when you exited. So far so good.

1. The "Select folder" window, which pops up when you move or copy a
    message, does not keep its size and position between sessions. This
    is somewhat annoying since I like to have it as tall as possible to
    get a good overview.

2. The "Compose" window keeps its size and position between sessions
    _even if_ the display it was on when Sylpheed was last run is no
    longer connected to the computer.
    I use my laptop with an external display at work, but without an
    external display at home.

    Placing the "Compose" window on the external display will therefore
    make it quite difficult (i.e. impossible) to compose a message when
    the external display has been disconnected. (The "Compose" window
    was of course closed when I disconnected the external display since
    I sent the message.)

    There is a workaround for item 2. Maximizing the "Compose" window
    (which can be done from the Taskbar in Windows) will make the
    window appear maximized on the laptop main screen. This is
    workable, but not ideal.

Could the above two bugs be GTK bugs, or are they Sylpheed bugs?

I am still using Sylpheed 2.5.0. Perhaps someone can check if the
latest version behaves similarly?

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