[sylpheed:33028] Re: Followup-To: poster is ignored when replying to Usenet postings

Petr Kovar pknbe at volny.cz
Fri Jul 10 22:07:51 JST 2009


Joerg Wunsch <j at uriah.heep.sax.de>, Thu, 9 Jul 2009 21:02:22 +0200:

> . For which of the different "reply" options, which behaviour would be
>   preferred?  IMHO, the default behaviour should be to just send an
>   email to the sender of the message (using the standard decision
>   chain for emails, i.e. consider reply-to etc.), where the other menu
>   items might optionally select something different.

Well, it probably depends on whether the user has the "Reply button invokes
mailing list reply" option in Common Preferences enabled, or not.

> . Maybe it would be wise to inform the user (e.g. by a popup box) that
>   the message is not going to be sent to the list, but emailed to the
>   author instead.  However, hacking that is beyond I would be able to
>   do.

That particular popup box has been already implemented in Sylpheed some
time ago. It's optional, though. See the "Confirm recipients before sending"
checkbox, also to be found in Common Preferences.

Petr Kovar

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