[sylpheed:33027] Followup-To: poster is ignored when replying to Usenet postings

Joerg Wunsch j at uriah.heep.sax.de
Fri Jul 10 04:02:22 JST 2009


I just noticed that Sylpheed doesn't handle "Followup-To: poster"

According to common Usenet practice, as well as the draft standard for
the Usenet message format, this special newsgroup name must be
interpreted as the wish of the sender to get replies through email,
rather than back into the newsgroup:


I could probably hack the code to conform to this, although I've got a
couple of questions:

. For which of the different "reply" options, which behaviour would be
  preferred?  IMHO, the default behaviour should be to just send an
  email to the sender of the message (using the standard decision
  chain for emails, i.e. consider reply-to etc.), where the other menu
  items might optionally select something different.

. Maybe it would be wise to inform the user (e.g. by a popup box) that
  the message is not going to be sent to the list, but emailed to the
  author instead.  However, hacking that is beyond I would be able to

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