[sylpheed:33029] Re: Followup-To: poster is ignored when replying to Usenet postings

Joerg Wunsch j at uriah.heep.sax.de
Sat Jul 11 07:16:25 JST 2009

Ahoj Petr,

dobry vecer a dekuju.

> >   IMHO, the default behaviour should be to just send an
> >   email to the sender of the message (using the standard decision
> >   chain for emails, i.e. consider reply-to etc.), where the other menu
> >   items might optionally select something different.

> Well, it probably depends on whether the user has the "Reply button
> invokes mailing list reply" option in Common Preferences enabled, or
> not.

Anyway, regardless of what has been selected there, followup-to: poster
should *never* post to the newsgroup by default (i.e. without user
interaction -- of course, the user should get an option to override
the request of the poster).

> > . Maybe it would be wise to inform the user (e.g. by a popup box) that
> >   the message is not going to be sent to the list, but emailed to the
> >   author instead.  However, hacking that is beyond I would be able to
> >   do.

> That particular popup box has been already implemented in Sylpheed
> some time ago. It's optional, though. See the "Confirm recipients
> before sending" checkbox, also to be found in Common Preferences.

But doesn't that mean the box is always popped up then?

My intention was merely to get a behaviour that I've found in Knews:
if the article has a followup-to: poster header, but the user misses
to spot this and tries a normal followup (which would be intended to
go into the newsgroup), then the program changes the settings to send
an email to the poster instead, and pops up a box informing the user
about that.

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