[sylpheed:33455] Re: Automatic address-completion using Adress book.

Antonio Ospite ospite at studenti.unina.it
Tue Dec 29 09:35:31 JST 2009

On Tue, 29 Dec 2009 02:26:42 +0200
v_2e at ukr.net wrote:

> Hello everyone!  I would like to know if there is such a feature in
> Sylpheed - to offer the appropriate "endings" for typed "beginning"
> when typing an address (or a name of destination person) in the "To"
> field.

Yes, there is.

> For example, if I have such names in my Address Book:
> Vasily Ivanov <vasily at ivanov.mail>
> Ivan Vasilief <ivan at vasilief.mail>
> Petr <petr at vasilief.mail>
> and I want to write a letter to one of them, I'll begin typing with
> "Vas", will Sylpheed show some kind of a little pop-up window with
> matching records from my address book and let me fast-choose one of
> them?  This is a very useful feature and gives real advantages.

Just hit the <TAB> key after "Vas".

> Thanks.
> Vladimir.

You're welcome, but please wrap your lines to a saner width (72 chars)
next time. Sylpheed can also be configured to do that for you.


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