[sylpheed:32604] Re: Notification on new mail arrival

Cecca cecca67 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 1 21:57:09 JST 2008

Godwin Stewart ha scritto:
> On Mon, 01 Sep 2008 14:20:41 +0200, Cecca <cecca67 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> "light and fast" but I miss few things from Thunderbird (my usual mail 
>> client): notifications and return receipt....
> Notifications are easy to set up.
> Configuration > Common preferences > "Receive" tab
> In the Italian version that's:
> Configurazione > Preferenze comuni > Ricevi
> "Esegui il comando quando arrivano nuovi messaggi"
> Requesting return receipts is poor netiquette. If your communication is so
> important that you want to make sure the recipient gets it then don't use
> e-mail in the first place, send it through the mail with recorded delivery.
> Quite a few people refuse to send return receipts anyway since they're an
> easy way for spammers to know that a message has been delivered and to
> confirm the validity of an e-mail address.
Thanks a lot!
I don't like the idea to run an external program, but I can use it 
anyway... :)

About the returno receipts: I understand your point of view, but I wish 
to be free to use it. Or to let the sender know that I've received the 
mail. And, as far as I know, this is a feature tha Sylpheed is missing....

Anyway is a good program! :)

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