[sylpheed:32292] Re: Where is Sylpheed's Bug Tracking System ???

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at modulonet.fr
Wed May 7 01:54:44 JST 2008

> Why workaround? You wanted Sylpheed to ignore the error, now it ignores
> it. Or did I get your bugreport wrong?

It's only a workaround, because as far I understand it, this option
keeps the error dialog from showing up at all.
My bug report is about being silent when there is no user action (when
Sylpheed is polling the mail server automatically, every few minutes),
but obviously when there IS user intervention (the user manually clicks
on the "Get all" button in the toolbar), obviously in this case you
would want the error dialog to show up, otherwise how are you gonna
know what is the problem, when there is one.

> Well, this is true for projects with many developers. But why does Hiro
> need one? He can get all patches and bugs here on the ML, so imho it
> would be an overkill here.

You mean that Hiro is the only, sole developer of Sylpheed ? Wow, I am
impressed then, lots of work ! Thumbs up Hiro :-)
Then yes, a distributed version control system for the source code is
useless. However, a bug tracker is still useful. Not vital of course,
but useful ;-) Unless there is only 2 or 3 bugs in Sylpheed, that is,
but I can't believe that ;-)
Anyway, I don't want to start war ;-) If it's how Sylphee dworks, that
's fine with me... as long as I have a plce to repot problems and get
help, that's all that really matters ;-)

> Well, maybe someone has to redisign it a bit, remove some levels, add
> some icons etc :)
> But I'm used to it, and usually do not need the config dialogs - my
> config works :)

Yeah, and if I need to search for an option, I can just ask you and
you will tell me where to find it, handy ! ;-)



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