[sylpheed:32581] Re: Gmail anyone?

Gene Goldenfeld genegold at peoplepc.com
Sun Aug 17 04:06:51 JST 2008

Bruce Bowler <bbowler at bigelow.org> wrote:

> with imap,since the mail is on the server, you can see your old mail
> from virtually any PC connected to the net.  With POP (depending on
> configuration), you might only be able to view old mail on the machine
> on which you initially saw it.
> With imap, you're relying on the server for backups.  With POP (again
> somewhat configuration dependant) you're relying on your backups (you
> DO have backups, don't you :-)

Thanks to all for for their answers.  And yes, I do auto backups onto
the spare hd with Cobian.  Restored my POP folders into Sylpheed
one time.


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