[sylpheed:32200] Re: [PATCH] Sylpheed should save his state when killed by signals

Colin Leroy colin at colino.net
Mon Apr 14 04:25:58 JST 2008

On 13 April 2008 at 17h04, Petr Kovar wrote:


> > It can take the stuff that was available before 3.0, like this
> > functionality, because they've once been licensed GPLv2; but it
> > can't take what has been written under GPLv3 (like, for examples,
> > tag support).  
> It surely can, but the GPL3-licensed work authors' consent is needed.

Technically yes, but we relicensed to GPL v3 for a reason; personally I
like the extra bits in it, so I wouldn't allow my GPL3 code to be
relicensed to GPL2 :)

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